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MediEmo- IVF Treatment Management

Helps identify the patient’s individual emotional reaction during the waiting period after embryo transfer and highlights any issues to the fertility clinic enabling them to pro-actively manage their patient’s anxieties. In addition, the app provides supplementary information to the patient during treatment that should reduce unnecessary calls to the clinic to address minor issues.

Depending upon where they are in the fertility treatment cycle, the patient will access the app in different ways

During the stimulation phase the patient can...

Get Medication Reminders
Access Alerts and Information
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Access and Manage their Medication Regime
Keep Daily Records of their Emotions

During the luteal stage

Access Alerts and Information
Access Coping and Support Techniques
Act Upon Clinical Intervention
Keep Daily Records of their Emotions

MediEmo helps to improve patient care by allowing the clinic and the patient to keep in constant contact through the critical stages of fertility treatment

Clinicians can view and manage all patient activities via a patient portal. The portal allows the clinician to manage the patient's medication regime, access patient mood data and view and send alerts and notifications. The portal can manage multiple patients and multiple clinicians providing a fully integrated platform.