Healthcare Solutions that provide clinicians and patients with critical information where and when they need it.

Enables clinicians to access medical guidance at the point of care.


Enables Maternity Units to manage and publish leaflets to their own branded mobile application providing the latest maternity guidance to their patients.


Acquired in 2015. Enables clinicians to access medical guidance at the point of care.


A mobile application that reduces the administrative burden on IVF providers by supporting and monitoring patients and providing coping mechanisms during critical stages of the fertility cycle.

Mi Experience

Provides medical organisations with feedback on “the patient journey”


The OPAT Patient Management System is a comprehensive database for the management of patients on OPAT.

About us

Horizon Strategic Partners was established in 2008 to provide IT Consultancy Services to the Department of Health. Our first major project was an audit and software implementation using Oracle’s Enterprise suite of middleware products to develop an improved and streamlined service at the National Institute of Health Research. A number of similar large projects were implemented in various healthcare settings over the following four years.

In 2012, in conjunction with University Hospital Southampton, we designed and developed MicroGuide. In 2013 this service was launched and within three years was being used in almost 50% of all UK Acute Hospital Trusts to publish medical guidelines to their clinicians.

Our objective is to build on this success and become a trusted advisor to medical organisations and help them take advantage of the emerging mobile (m-Health) technological revolution.

Why mHealth?

6.1 billion smart phones

Mobile devices allow greater connectivity throughout the world. The world is going mobile, by 2020 there will be 6.1 billion smart phones in circulation and the M-health market will be worth $31 billion globally.

Mhealth has the ability to improve the overall healthcare system by improving efficiency, communication, costs, and quality of healthcare services.

  • Percent of clinicians that use mhealth on a daily basis
  • percent of clinicians believe m-health will help reduce medical costs
  • percent of smart phone users gather healthcare related information on their phones
  • percent of clinicians use smartphone apps at work

Complimentary Medical Software Solutions

We work with NHS Trust’s, Medical societies and Government associations to develop software solutions to address problems faced by clinicians and patients.

The objective of the PPS System is to provide an easy to use, responsive system offering real-time reporting that will inform the progress of antimicrobial stewardship programmes.


NORS provides the most comprehensive overview of OPAT service provision in the UK. NORS correlates reports and data from all submitting OPAT services.


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