OPAT Patient Management System

OPAT Patient Management System

The OPAT Patient Management System (PMS) enables trusts to manage patients being treated in their OPAT service.

Version 3 Launching In 2018

The OPAT Patient Management System is a secure N3 hosted cloud based solution. The system allows the management and reporting of patients by locally capturing and monitoring the OPAT patient journey. These reports can provide a valuable audit of the service that has been commissioned. 

What can you do with OPAT PMS?

Admit patients via the pre-admission section

Edit and monitor OPAT patients via a virtual ward accessible by all OPAT staff

Report on patients via a selection of 26 predefined reports created by leading OPAT experts

View and export aggregated patient data

Search the database for archived patients

Collect patient feedback via a questionnaire  

Make the database bespoke to your local needs through the admin customisation

The system was built in conjunction with a BSAC Working Party led by Mark Gilchrist (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust London) and Matthew Laundy (St George’s Hospital London). Outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) allows patients requiring intravenous antibiotics to be treated outside hospital, OPAT is suitable for many infections, especially cellulitis, bone and joint infections, and infective endocarditis. The OPAT PMS is currently used by 20 centres in the UK and is available to for use by all OPAT centres across the UK.