National Point Prevalence Survey

Since March, HorizonSP have been working with Public Health England to develop an online system that can be used to collect data for the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control PPS. Horizon had previously worked with BSAC to develop the National Antimicrobial Point Prevalence Survey System (NAS-PPS). The system will provide a national benchmarking and training tool to Trusts and Boards across the UK to offer real time reporting on antimicrobial consumption that will inform the improvement, development and aid monitoring of antimicrobial stewardship programmes.

The NAS-PPS survey was adapted in order for data to be collected on Healthcare-Associated Infections as well as Antimicrobial use. 288 NHS and Private Hospitals throughout England will be submitting data from September – November 2016. The data collected will then be reported on by PHE and submitted to ECDC.

  • Approximately 4 100 000 patients are estimated to acquire a healthcare-associated infection in the EU each year
  • The number of deaths occurring as a direct consequence of these infections is estimated to be at least 37 000
  • Approximately 20–30% of healthcare-associated infections are considered to be preventable by intensive hygiene and control programmes

More Information about the HAI PPS is available from the Public Health England Website