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MyPregnancy@ allows Hospitals to upload, edit and publish their own local maternity guides to a mobile app.

The way information is managed and accessed has changed

Up to date

The information is always up to date whenever there is an internet connection, the app also works offline


Easy access to important information when it is needed

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One location for all maternity information

Critical patient information is accessible to them in one location

Free mobile app

The app is free to download and is available on iOS and android devices - no cost to the patient

Your own mobile app

A unique app that is customisable and branded to each hospital or NHS Trust

Cost Saving

Reduced printing costs by around 75% and reduce staffing requirements to update the information

Mac screen

Information is easy to manage and maintain via access to the CMS

Full control

You have full control of what information is published to the app

MyPregnancy@ helps to improve patient care by providing access to vital information about their pregnancy and helps to reduce the costs and resources in providing this service.

Replacing the many leaflets and printouts a patient would receive whilst going through the Hospital Maternity Unit. The MyPregnancy@ app is free to download for the patient providing them access to critical information when they really need it.

“It looks great – what a fantastic idea!”

“It's great! Handy to have all this information on hand. Thank you to the team who created it.”

“The pregnancy App is well received by the Mums to be who are attending our Physiotherapy antenatal classes.”

“We are finding it very helpful as we do not have to carry all our relevant leaflets for pregnancy around with us multiplied by how many women are booked onto our classes!”

“Reduce your printing costs by 75%”