Blockchain and Healthcare

Blockchain and Healthcare Using blockchain within the healthcare industry is a fairly new concept. Blockchain has been around for several years, and one of its more famous assets Bitcoin is increasingly in the media. Blockchain is basically a digital ledger that records all transactions that have taken place on it. These transactions are secure, they[…]

WHO updates Essential Medicines List

WHO updates Essential Medicines List with new advice on use of antibiotics, and adds medicines for hepatitis C, HIV, tuberculosis and cancer News release 6 JUNE 2017 | GENEVA – New advice on which antibiotics to use for common infections and which to preserve for the most serious circumstances is among the additions to the[…]

Horizon will be at MAD-ID in Florida

The 20th Annual MAD-ID Meeting will be held, in partnership with the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) in Orlando, Florida, May 10-13, 2017. Pharmacists physicians, and other providers will be given the opportunity to participate in a 3-day educational symposium specifically designed to apply recent research to patient care and antimicrobial stewardship while earning pharmacy[…]


Trainees ‘not supported’

A hospital has been told to transfer more than half of its junior doctors to ensure patient safety because of a lack of consultants to train them. Health Education England said 42 out of 76 trainee doctors at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital should be moved. East Kent Hospitals trust said some emergency services will[…]


The antimicrobial crisis in Latin America

Recognition of antimicrobial resistance as a top priority has led many governments and funding agencies to make important efforts to increase the budget allocated to fund high quality research in this topic. The Longitude Prize in the UK and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenge to find Novel Approaches to Characterizing and Tracking[…]


OPAT Patient Management System

We are delighted to announce that HSP has taken over the ownership and development of the OPAT Patient Management System. The OPAT Patient Management System (PMS) enables trusts to manage patients being treated in their OPAT service. The system also enables trusts to report on the management of patients and justify the costs of services by[…]

Diappbetes logo

“DiAppBetes by UHS, launched with the MicroGuide platform is to be lauded as an excellent piece of innovation”

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust on MicroGuide is the new home for the reworked app that was launched in 2012. For those of you involved in managing people in hospital with diabetes, DiAppbetes provides concise guidance notes that cover a wide variety of key themes that you may encounter and have previously found challenging.[…]

NAS PPS logo large

National Point Prevalence Survey

Since March, HorizonSP have been working with Public Health England to develop an online system that can be used to collect data for the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control PPS. Horizon had previously worked with BSAC to develop the National Antimicrobial Point Prevalence Survey System (NAS-PPS). The system will provide a national benchmarking[…]